131.554 km/h new Monobob speed record from SwissBob

On Tuesday, 31.12.2013 SwissBob has set again a new benchmark for the international Monobob sport.

With 131.554 km/h our team Pilot, Mr. Stefan Marty broke through the magic 130 km/h Monobob speed barrier and has set a new all-time high-speed record in the history of the Olympia Bob run St. Moritz, self-evidently in a SwissBob. The whole team is very proud to congratulate Stefan to the new (yet) all-time high-speed record for Monobobs. Be assured, we will push the boundaries even further and setting new benchmarks, true to our motto: Passion for Speed.

Wan’t to challenge the speed record from Stefan? Make an appointment and experience first hand the safe adrenaline rush of a Monobob ride at high speeds.