• Monobob SwissBob www.swissbob.org

Possibility to easily add up to 30 kg of additional ballast

Aerodynamically Refined
Highly developed body to reduce drag and improve lateral stability

Driver Position
Rearward position to maintain perfect CoG on an adjustable seat and foot grid

Internal Padding
Optional / removable padding to improve pilot comfort and safety

Brake System
Adjustable foot operated brake

Monocoque Chassis
Single piece fully structural chassis to improve safety, drag and aesthetics (same concept as Formula 1 monocoque)

Runner Spacing
Spacing similar to a 2-man bob to maintain handling

High quality stainless steel runners

Runner Fairings
Significant drag reduction achieved by streamlining the runners and carriers

Driver Protection
High Sides for increased head protection

Best-in-class steering mechanism

Rear Bumper
Integrated bumper and axel fairing reduces drag

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